Pushing the Boundaries with Cold Atoms

2013-01-21 - 2013-02-15
Stockholm, Sweden

The ability to cool, coherently manipulate and measure atomic gases make these systems good candidates for studies of quantum many-body phenomena. Current experimental techniques allow for a plethora of different setups to be studied. This four week program focuses on new directions within the field of ultracold atomic gases. Interesting topics include for example,

  • Synthetic gauge fields for cold atoms.
  • Multi-component atoms, spinor condensates.
  • Non-equilibrium physics, quantum thermalization...
  • Exotic states in optical lattices: topological matter, p-band physics…
  • Disorder.
  • Light-matter interface, cold atoms in optical cavities.
  • Dipolar and Rydberg gases.
  • Bistability, non-linearity, optomechanics with cold gases.

We aim to bring together theoreticians as well as experimentalists. Many of the above mentioned topics have seen experimental breakthroughs during the last few years, and we hope to hear more about this during the program. At the same time, since our field evolves rapidly, the list above is most likely to change somewhat before the program starts.

As a monthly program, the idea is that participants get the opportunity to get to know each other and establish contacts. Thereby, we strongly encourage the participants to stay at least for one week.


59° 19' 44.148" N, 18° 3' 53.676" E
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