IonTech: Techniques for Trapped Ions

2012-05-07 - 2012-05-09
Siegen, Germany

We invite you to participate in the Workshop
IonTech: Techniques for trapped ions
taking place on
May 7th – May 9th, at the University Siegen, Germany

Trapping of charged or neutral atoms and molecules is essential for very diverse research fields including astrophysics, chemistry, precision measurements in physics, and quantum information science. In addition, mass spectrometers – widely used in research and industry – often rely on similar technologies.

This workshop will address technical challenges in trapping and manipulating particles that arise in many such experimental applications independent of their particular research background. Emphasis will be on modern laser light and microwave / radio-frequency techniques and their use in sophisticated trapping experiments, as well as cutting-edge micro-structured traps. The workshop will offer tutorials particularly suited for students and postdocs who wish to gain an overview of and insight into these experimental techniques and technology.

Details on the program are available at

Registration Deadline: March 31st, 2012.


50° 53' 1.8564" N, 8° 1' 15.4524" E
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