GISIN'14 - The Greatest Inspiration Surely Is Nonlocality

2014-09-08 - 2014-09-12
Riederalp, Switzerland

8th - 12th September

Would you agree with the following :

  • The world is nonlocal
  • The world is understandable (at least step by step)
  • The key concepts to understand the world can be expressed in simple terms
  • Some of the consequences of the next theory can be tested in low energy physics

If yes, it is my great pleasure to invite you to a nice workshop in the Swiss Alp next September 8-12 to discuss about “nonlocality” and about “macroscopic entanglement” in a relaxed atmosphere.

Location: The event will take place at 0px 1px no-repeat transparent;" title="">Art Furrer Hotels in typical Swiss fashion – in the mountains and spas! A programme consisting of a series of long and short talks, interspersed with plenty of time for discussions, is planned to ensure a fascinating and productive time for all!



Art Furrer Hotels Riederalp CH-3987
46° 22' 33.9636" N, 8° 1' 34.2588" E
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