European Conference on Trapped Ions (ECTI)

2010-09-19 - 2010-09-24
Redworth Hall in County Durham, England

Ion traps are used as a basic tool in a wide variety of experiments today, and ion trappers with different applications often deal with very similar challenges. This conference addresses researchers interested in the various experimental and theoretical aspects of ion trapping, including quantum information, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, metrology, high-precision determination of atomic ground state properties, cavity QED experiments as well as the production of cold molecules. The meeting is intended to provide an up to the minute overview of the current state of the field and to provide an opportunity for younger researchers to describe their recent research and future plans. A small fraction of the programme will be put aside to tutorial talks intended to provide an overview of specific sub-fields within the general remit of physics and chemistry using trapped ions. We are planning the meeting to maximise the opportunities for discussions and the venue has been chosen with this in mind.


United Kingdom
54° 46' 30.9" N, 1° 35' 5.4672" W
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