Emergence and Entanglement II

2013-05-06 - 2013-05-10
Waterloo, Canada

This is the second workshop of the Perimeter Institute series “Emergence and Entanglement”, which started in May 2010. Recent advances in our understanding of many-body entanglement have led to significant progress in the characterization and classification of phases of quantum matter. Tensor network states have emerged as a natural language to describe highly entangled ground states and classify the distinct patterns of long-range entanglement that characterize e.g. the possible forms of topological order. On the numerical front, after decades of impasse, several two-dimensional lattice models for frustrated antiferromagnets have finally been shown to support gapped spin liquid phases with topological order. While most of the recent results on classification and realization of phases refer to gapped systems, there has also been significant progress in our understanding of entanglement in gapless systems, e.g. through AdS/CFT calculations of entanglement and the proposal of holographic tensor networks for critical systems.


Perimeter Institute
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