The Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures 2010

2010-04-11 - 2010-04-16
Capri, Italy

The scientific program of the School includes the following set of lectures:

* Rainer Blatt (Innsbruck): Quantum Information Science with Trapped Ions.

* Ignacio Cirac (Munich): A Quantum Information Perspective of Quantum Many-Body Systems.

* Daniel Esteve (Saclay ): Readout of quantum information in Josephson qubits: Readout Fidelity, Backaction, QND Character and Entanglement.

* Fabrizio Illuminati (Salerno): Entanglement, Quantum Information, and Collective Phenomena in Spin Systems.

* Daniel Loss (Basel): Spin Qubits in Nanostructures.

* John Martinis (Santa Barbara): Superconducting Phase Qubits: Qudits, Arbitrary Photon States, and Bell's Inequality.

* Thierry Martin (Marseille): Entanglement and Noise in Nanoscale Devices with Propagating Electrons.

* Robert Silbey (MIT): Energy and Charge Transport in Molecular Aggregates: The Effects of Coherence and Static and Dynamic Disorder with Applications to Photosynthetic Light Harvesting Complexes.