Adiabatic Quantum Computation 2013

2013-03-06 - 2013-03-08
London, UK

Adiabatic Quantum Computing (AQC) promises to be robust to many noise sources that cause ordinary quantum circuits to fail, including environmental decoherence and imperfect control. While any quantum algorithm can be run on a universal adiabatic quantum computer in principle, combinatorial optimisation problems appear to be the most natural for near-term devices. Understanding the landscape of AQC architectures and algorithms, and methods for realising them, continues to be an active and vibrant research area.

The Second International Workshop on Adiabatic Quantum Computing (AQC 2013), hosted and organised jointly by University College London and the Institute of Physics, brings together researchers from different communities to explore this computational paradigm. The goal of the workshop is to initiate a cross-platform dialogue on the implementation challenges that must be overcome to realise useful adiabatic quantum computations in existing or near-term hardware. The workshop will have a special focus on AMO (Atomic, Molecular, and Optical) and solid-state technologies.


Institute of Physics
76 Portland Place
London W1B 1NT
United Kingdom
51° 31' 18.0372" N, 0° 8' 43.3212" W
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