Quantum Communication

Institute for Quantum Optics / hybrid Quantumsystems

Research Type: 

Quantum Optics, Quantum Information and hybrid Quantumsystems:

  • color center in diamond
  • cavity QED
  • nonlinear optics
  • single-photon sources
Alexander Kubanek

Quantum Optics and Technology

Research Type: 

Research in our group focuses on quantum optics and technology. Quantum optics studies various phenomena in light-matter interaction, where the quantum properties of the light and matter play an important role. Quantum technology is an emerging interdisciplinary field, encompassing several fields of physics and technology. It aims to realize practical devices for quantum simulations, computing, communication and metrology.

David Petrosyan and Georgios M. Nikolopoulos

Prof. Christian Schönenberger

Research Type: 

quantum tarnsport of nanodevices

quantum devices based on semicondcuting nanowire, carbon nanotubes and graphene

supercondcuting hybrid devices 

Christian Schönenberger

Optoelectronics and Quantum Devices

Research Type: 
  • Semiconductor nanophotonics
  • Deterministic nanoprocessing technologies:
    • site-controlled growth of quantum dots
    • in-situ electron-beam lithography
  • Quantum dot based quantum light sources
  • Solid-state quantum optics and light-matter interaction in the regime of cQED
  • On-chip quantum optics and photonic circuits
  • High-beta microlasers
Stephan Reitzenstein

Solid State Quantum Optics group

Research Type: 

Our research is devoted to the study and development of quantum functionalities in semiconductor systems using the nanofabrication techniques of opto-electronics. We develop high performances integrated sources of quantum light, non-linear devices operating at the single photon level, spin-based quantum memories and optomechanical platforms for quantum information processing.

Pr. Pascale Senellart

The UK Quantum Communications Hub

Research Type: 

Development of quantum key distribution technologies

Next generation quantum communications protocols and technologies

Professor Timothy P Spiller (Director)

Quantum flagship - Summary of results of the Commission High Level Steering Committee first meeting


The document containing a summary of results of the Commission HLSC is available for download 

The Commission High Level Steering Committee (http://qurope.eu/db/news/expert-group-quantum-technology-flagship) has released a summary of the results obtained during its first meeting (Brussels, Tuesday 20 Spetember 2016).

The file can be downloaded here.

Micro and Quantum Systems

Research Type: 

Quantum optics theory and experiments in quantum optomechanics, laser cooling, atomic clocks and quantum key distribution.

Ilkka Tittonen

ESAS Winter School "Novel frontiers in superconducting electronics"

2016-12-12 - 2016-12-17
Registration deadline: 
2016-10-15 (All day)
Pozzuoli (Napoli, Italy)


Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to inform you about the ESAS Winter school on Novel Frontiers in Superconducting Electronics: from Fundamental Concepts and Advanced Materials towards Future Applications.

The ESAS Winter school will take place on December 12-17, 2016, in Pozzuoli (Napoli), Italy.
We are also very glad to communicate that the following lecturers have confirmed their participation in the school:

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