Adva Optical Newtorking

Our company began with a single vision: to transport data, storage, voice and video signals at native speeds and lowest latency. A lot’s changed since that time, but our vision remains the same. Our products are the building blocks for tomorrow’s networks, enabling the transport of increasing amounts of data across the globe.

Eleven Paths

At ElevenPaths we have our own way of thinking when we talk about security. Although the security industry has been in full swing for many years and we have seen all types of products and solutions introduced over the last decades, we believe that we still have not got it quite right as we continue to be confronted by many of the security threats and problems that arose in the early days.

Applied Communication Sciences

Applied Communication Sciences (ACS) solves real-world problems to foster the success of our customers and partners.  We create research, consulting and technology solutions that drive market innovation across government and multiple industry sectors.  Our ACS team is particularly recognized for working large-scale problems requiring deep knowledge of technology and operations.


Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo is the innovation company of the Telefonica Group. Founded in 1988, it contributes to the group’s competitiveness and modernity through technical innovation. To achieve the aim, the company applies new ideas, concepts and practices in addition to developing advanced products and services. It is the largest private R&D centre in Spain as regards activity and resources, and is the most active company in Europe in terms of European research projects in the ICT sector (Information and Communication Technology).


 SeQureNet is a start-up company founded in April 2008 as a spin-off from the quantum information team of Telecom ParisTech who was highly involved in the FP6 SECOQC Integrated Project.

Tiger Optics

Company Tiger Optics is a specialized distributor of innovative solutions in the field of information security.

We help companies to reduce information security risks and protect data throughout the enterprise IT infrastructure - from her heart - the data center, and to the endpoints - workstations and corporate mobile devices. Tiger Optics operates throughout the CIS, as well as in Georgia and Moldova. Throughout, we provide sales and technical support through a network of authorized partners.


Senetas designs and manufactures enterprise network security devices, including the world?s leading Layer 2 hardware encryption devices to guarantee data security. The Senetas CypherNet Encryption Security Platform provides a range of highly efficient, fast and secure data encryption products to protect sensitive data while in transit across private and public networks.


Pirelli Labs Optical Innovation activities are concentrated on three main lines of research, all of which are of great importance for telecommunications: photonics nanotechnologies; optical modules and systems; devices for access networks. The scope of nanotechnology applied to photonic devices is to reach a high degree of miniaturisation of optical components using methodologies mutated from microelectronics.

Ovum RHK - Network Infrastructure

At Ovum we fully understand convergence across telecoms, IT services and software. We invest heavily in researching what is happening in a market that is dynamic and full of risk and reward. We analyse the changes and identify the threats and opportunities ahead for our clients.


NEC Laboratories is the innovation engine that drives our efforts to become the world's number one provider of technology solutions. The two principal goals of NEC research programs are: - R&D of Base Technology to Create Future Business, - R&D of New Technology to Significantly Advance Current Business.

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