The QUTE-EUROPE Virtual Institutes

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As part of its mission, QUTE-EUROPE is committed to providing a framework for interaction and coordination with the scientific branches of the research community. The framework architecture is structured around a set of five Virtual Institutes (VIs):

Each Virtual Institute unites some prominent experts in the corresponding field, providing a contact point for consultation and feeback in the relevant areas.

Virtual Institute







D. Esteve

I. Bloch

N. Gisin

I. Walmsley

I. Cirac

Executive Secretary

A. Wallraff

S. Kuhr

R. Thew

K. Banaszek

M. Wolf


R. Blatt

J. Bloch

P. Grangier

M. Plenio

H. Buhrman


D. DiVincenzo

J. Eisert

R. Renner

E. Polzik

M. Troyer

​ ​

D. Loss

M. Inguscio

G. Ribordy

J. Wrachtrup

S. Wehner


P. Zoller

M. Lewenstein

A. Shields


R. Werner


L. Vandersypen

R. Ursin


A. Winter

A centralized point of contact and representation for all VIs is available through the Head of the Directorial Board, Antonio Acín (ICFO, Barcelona).