Scientists stamp individual carbon nanotubes

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Researchers from the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience (Delft University of Technology) and the FOM Foundation have devised a new method for reading out the electron state in a carbon nanotube. They did this by 'stamping’ an individual nanotube on a chip. Then the electron state can be read out, as the nanotube remains very clean and controllable. Electrons in such a nanotube can acquire special quantum characteristics which make these structures interesting for future quantum computers. The readout of the electron states is a crucial step in this. The research team led by FOM workgroup leader professor Leo Kouwenhoven published the results in the October issue of Nature Nanotechnology.

Valley–spin blockade and spin resonance in carbon nanotubes
Fei Pei, Edward A. Laird, Gary A. Steele & Leo P. Kouwenhoven
Nature Nanotechnology 7, 630-634 (2012)