QUROPE Research Agenda

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In order to help shape the work programme for 2011-2012 (and beyond), the Commission has organized in the last quarter of 2009 a series of brainstorming events with high-level scientists from relevant (FET) fields.

Participants were invited to share their views on research into future and emerging technologies for ICT. More specifically, they were asked to present ideas and opportunities that aim at going beyond traditional lines of ICT research. In this respect, the experts assisted the Commission in identifying potential strategic research areas and presented novel opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration across different scientific communities.

The outcome of these brainstorming events was then collected in a series of reports (all available here), that would serve as input to the topical calls for research proposals that are to be launched in 2011-2012 (and later on).

Due to its high level of maturity and highly structured community, there was no meeting organized for QIFT: rather the QUROPE coordination action (QUIE2T predecessor) was asked to prepare a research agenda endorsed by its governing board*. An on-line consultation on the document was run, feedback collected and implemented in the final version of the document, which is the one presented here (and is also available at the FET Proactive website).

All feedback collected on the Research Agenda document is available here (with a summary of the comments received here); the original version of the document can be instead checked here.

*R. Blatt (Innsbruck), H. Buhrman (Amsterdam), V. Buzek (Bratislava), T. Calarco (Trento) - Executive Secretary, N. Cerf (Brussels), J-I. Cirac (Munich), A. Ekert (Cambridge), N. Gisin (Geneva), P. Grangier (Paris), Sir P. Knight (London), M. Lewenstein (Barcelona), D. Loss (Basel), H. Mooij (Delft), E. Polzik (Copenhagen) - Coordinator, G. Rempe (Munich), I. Walmsley (Oxford), R. Werner (Braunschweig), A. Zeilinger (Vienna) P. Zoller (Innsbruck)