Quantum Information Classification Scheme

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One of the tasks of the original ERA-Pilot QIPC WP1 aimed at surveying European QIPC related structures. To achieve this goal it was essential to elaborate a list of QIPC topics that would be widely accepted by the scientific community, which indicated what techniques were part of QIPC, where were the borders to other scientific and technological areas, etc.

This document represents the Quantum Information Classification scheme (QICS) originally elaborated by the ERA-Pilot QIST WP1, and successively updated by the different QIPC CAs (first QUROPE and now QUIE2T) 

5 broad categories were identified, which were then divided into 25 major topics. Each topic was then split up into different fields which could possibly show an ulterior division into sub-fields. The following illustrates the structure of this classification scheme (that is evidently inspired to the APS PACS) showing all the possible subdivisions.



Broad category


<-- Major topic
15.10.-p Quantum Optics: Physical qubits   <-- Field
15.10.El Electrons   <-- Subfield
15.10.Ie Ions: electronic states      

Each code is constructed as follows: the first two digits refer to the category, while the second two to the topic; the last two letters refer instead to the field or the sub-field. In the case of a field, a "+" followed by a letter means that the field does not have sub-fields, while a "-" followed by a letter would indicate that sub-fields are present for that particular code. Finally, in the case of sub-fields, the two letters are chosen (when possible) among the initial letters of the most important key-words present in the code description.

This is a "living document": if you think that some QIPC subjects are missing, or that a new promising field has opened up, please send the suggested field/sub-field together with a proposed code (constructed following the aforementioned rules) to qurope.eu. Valid codes will be included in subsequent updates of the QICS.