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The European and national funding agencies that perform or sponsor research in the field of quantum technologies have looked at the roadmap document “Quantum Information Processing and Communication: Strategic Report on the current status, vision and goals for research in Europe” as a basis for establishing their research agenda. All the steps and timelines identified on the roadmap has been met, and its constant update has turned it into a primary instrument for identifying research gaps, highlighting results, and addressing the challenges that lies ahead. This has allowed many branches of the quantum technologies area to go past the proof-of-principle phase; further advancements however can only be ensured by the integration of the scientific base in order to encompass the full range of quantum information processing from conception to development of devices and from computation and communication to other technological applications of quantum effects. And this can only be achieved through a leap in resources and the long- term commitment coming with it.

In fact, with the limited resource available, the quantum technologies community has been able not only to elaborate a common European research strategy, but also to meet all the timelines identified for the various goals and proof of principle. From this track of record it is to be expected that the leap in invested effort that QUTE-F would ensure, will have an extremely high return on investment, with a new wealth of quantum technologies capable of unprecedented tasks being thought, developed and finally commercialized for the benefit and wellness of the whole European society.