PhD-Day 2011, March 1 - 2, 2011, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany

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C. Arenz and G. Morigi (P8 USAAR), talk, Trapping-States in microwave CQED

J. D. Baltrusch, C. Cormick, G. De Chiara, T. Calarco and G. Morigi (P8 USAAR), talk, Measuring Quantum Superpositions of Different Structures of Ion Coulumb Crystals

S. Blum, G. Olivares-Rentería, C. Ottaviani, A. Lenhard, S. Zaske, C. Becher, G. Morigi (P8 USAAR), talk, How to let ions chatter? - frequency down-conversion of single photons into the telecom band

F. Cartarius, C. Cormick, G. Morigi (P8 USAAR), poster, Ring structures in linear multipole ion traps

H. Habibian, W. Niedenzu, H. Ritsch, G. Morigi (P8 USAAR), talk, Quantum ground state of ultracold atoms in disordered potential