Perfect Microwave Photodetection in Circuit QED

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In this work, the SOLID researchers G. Johannsson, C. M. Wilson and E. Solano propose a microwave photon detector that successfully reaches 100% efficiency with only one absorber. Their design consists of a metastable quantum circuit coupled to a semi-infinite transmission line that performs highly efficient photodetection in a simplified manner as compared to previous proposals. The authors extensively study the scattering properties of realistic wavepackets against this device, thereby computing the efficiency of the detector and find that the detector has many operating modes, can detect detuned photons, is robust against design imperfections and can be made broadband by using more than one absorbing element in the design.


B. Peropadre, G. Romero, G. Johansson, C. M. Wilson, E. Solano, J. J. García-Ripoll
arXiv 1101.0016v1 (submitted on 29 Dec 2010)