1.1.4 Summary of short- and long-term goals

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For convenience of synthesis, we summarize in a table a short list of objectives for the next and more distant future of quantum computing and quantum communication (the internal ordering of such lists does not necessarily reflect chronology). The great diversity and openness of the field of quantum information theory prevents from drawing a similar list for that particular subfield.


Quantum Computing

Quantum Communication

5 years goals

  • Devices realizing quantum algorithms with up to 10 qubits
  • Fault tolerant computing and error correction on small scale systems
  • Distributed quantum algorithm
  • Different classes of entangled states up to 10 qubits
  • Quantum simulation of a system that cannot be simulated classically
  • Build a quantum repeater with two nodes
  • Entangle two remote quantum memories
  • Lab demonstration of Device Independent QKD

10 years goals

  • Large dimension quantum memory
  • Quantum algorithm with up to 50 qubits
  • Quantum simulation of a key problem in science
  • Quantum algorithm with fault tolerant error correction
  • Satellite quantum communication
  • 1000 km quantum cryptography
  • Multi-node quantum networks
  • Realization of new quantum protocols