Nanodesigning of atomic and molecular quantum matter

Observing Quantum Particles in Perfect Order

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics succeed in recording single-atom resolved images of a highly correlated quantum gas.

"Quantum simulators" revealed in fresh detail


Researchers locate individual particles in an optical lattice

Physicists in Germany have used fluorescence imaging to identify individual particles in an optical lattice for the first time. The breakthrough could allow researchers to create more advanced simulations of quantum phenomena and it might help in the quest for practical quantum computing.

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Quantum magnetism and counterflow supersolidity of up-down bosonic dipoles


C. Trefzger, M. Alloing, C. Menotti, F. Dubin, M. Lewenstein
New Journal of Physics 12, 093008 (2010)

We study a gas of dipolar Bosons confined in a two-dimensional optical lattice. Dipoles are considered to point freely in both up and down directions perpendicular to the lattice plane. This results in a nearest neighbor repulsive (attractive) interaction for aligned (anti-aligned) dipoles. We find regions of parameters where the ground state of the system exhibits insulating phases with either ferromagnetic or anti-ferromagnetic ordering. Evidences for the existence of a novel counterflow supersolid quantum phase are also presented.

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