Work Package 4

Tensor Networks and Applications

J. I. Cirac, Workshop “Entanglement in Strongly Correlated Systems”, CCBPP Benasque, Spain, February 2016 

Tensor Network Techniques and systems out of equilibrium

J. I. Cirac, Workshop “Quantum Integrable Models out of Equilibrium”, Cambridge, UK, January 2016

Efficient descriptions of many-body systems and tensor networks

J. I. Cirac, Workshop “Quantum Hardness”, Dresden (Germany), June 2015

Area Laws in Many-Body Systems and Tensor Networks

J. I. Cirac, KITP Program ‘Entanglement in Strongly-Correlated Quantum Matter’, Director’s black board lunch , May 2015

Quantum simulations: From condensed matter to high energy models

J. I. Cirac, Physics Dept. Colloquium at JILA, Boulder (USA), 03/09/16

Which states have a continuum limit?

G. De las Cuevas, Information theoretic foundations of physics, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 05/11/15

Simple universal models capture all spin physics

G. De las Cuevas (MPQ.TH), Oxford, UK, Quantum simulations: theory meets experiment - A workshop for young researchers, 10/30/15

Conference "New trends in complex quantum system dynamics"

E. Zohar, 25 May 2015, Cartagena University (Spain), "Formulating lattice gauge theories for quantum simulations"

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