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2012-10-07 15:25

QUIE2T WP2 has submitted a report on its deliverables D2.3.1 and D2.3.2.

2012-09-11 12:34

The Virtual Institutes have been contacted to start work on the final update of the QIPC Roadmap and the QICS.

2012-03-19 16:51

Version 1.2 of the QICS is available.

2012-02-02 13:04

A call for proposals for the next QUIE2T sponsored QIPC conference has been published.

2011-09-26 15:00

Universität Basel (UNIBAS) is a new partner in the AQUTE Consortium

2011-08-04 10:15

A symposium "Quantum metrology with photons and atoms" will be held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of National Laboratory for Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics on the 17th September 2011 in Toruń, Poland.

2011-06-01 14:42

Eindhoven University of Technology, a partner in Q-ESSENCE consortium, organizes the International Workshop on Nanowire Superconducting Single-Photon Detectors.

2011-06-01 11:47
ID Quantique is developing a new single photon detection module called id210, already awarded with CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award 2011 Honorable Mention.
2011-05-09 14:53

Workshop on "Entanglement in Solid State Systems" will be held on Sept. 20-22 2011 in Lecce, Italy.


2010-11-19 09:46

Tiny disc enables one laser to control the propagation of another

2010-10-08 08:28

Researchers unveil rival to optical tweezers

2010-10-08 08:23

Self-contained chiller can be built from just a few atoms

2010-09-09 16:43

The CHIST-ERA project has published its first call. See details at the Call Announcement.

2010-08-20 11:29

Researchers locate individual particles in an optical lattice

2010-08-09 20:08

Announcing the call for FET Flagship Pilots in the Commission ICT Work-Programme 2011-2012

2010-08-09 19:44

Announcing FET-Open Objective ICT-2011.9.4: International cooperation on FET research

2010-08-09 18:03

The new ICT Work Programme 2011-2012 has been published, featuring QIPC as a FET Proactive Objective.

2010-08-09 14:32

HP Labs' researcher Vinay Deolalikar claims to have solved the problem. His answer is that the two classes do not coincide: P is a proper subset of NP.

2010-06-11 10:46

'Entangled' LED could help make quantum computer

2010-05-14 12:59

Entanglement technique could boost quantum metrology

2010-05-14 12:56

Long-range interactions are a first

2010-04-23 07:56

Electromagnetic Induced Transparency (EIT) seen in single atoms, real and artificial

2010-04-16 12:14

Frequency comb entangles two atomic qubits

2010-04-16 12:04

Ultracold gas offers new way of probing tiny vibrations

2010-04-16 11:57

Number sequences guaranteed random by quantum mechanics

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