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2012-10-09 11:10

Serge Haroche from France and David Wineland from the United States share the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics for experimental work on quantum optics.

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2012 was awarded jointly to Serge Haroche and David J. Wineland "for ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems".

Read the official announcement on

We are proud to note that Serge Haroche is an active member of the European QIPC community, and in particular, a project partner of the currently running Integrated Project AQUTE.

(Lukas Theussl, 2012-10-09 11:10)
2012-03-21 20:06

Andreas Wallraff was awarded the 2011 Max-Rössler Prize in recognition of his outstanding research at the interface of information technology and quantum physics. The award comes with 200,000 Swiss francs as prize money. 

June 23, 2011, Mit Quantensprüngen zum Erfolg, idw press release
June 23, 2011, Preis für Quantenphysiker, Blick am Abend (page 11)
June 23, 2011, Andreas Wallraff erhält Max Rössler-Preis-2011, ETH Zurich (ETH press release)
June 24, 2011, «Ich empfand das als eine wahnsinnige Anerkennung unserer Arbeit», ETH Life (Simone Ulmer)


(Lukas Hanschke, 2012-03-21 20:06)
2011-02-17 14:06

The registration for the FET QIFT Open Day held on 15th April in Warsaw and Cluster Review, 14th April, is open.

Please register for the event at:

Cluster Review will include projects: AQUTE, Q-ESSENCE and SOLID.

(Q-Essence Coordinator, 2011-02-17 14:06)
2010-08-09 18:44

Announcing FET-Open Objective ICT-2011.9.4: International cooperation on FET research

The Commission ICT Work-Programme 2011-2012 feature an interesting Objective under FET-Open, namely "Objective ICT-2011.9.4: International cooperation on FET research". This consist in a funding scheme that provides additional funding to existing grant for on-going FET IPs and STREPs ending at least 18 months after the submission date of the proposal (click on the tab below to access the full Objective text as published in the WP).


The call details are available in our FP7 Relevant Calls section.

(Daniele Binosi, 2010-08-09 18:44)
2010-05-10 16:27

Oxford FP6 and FP7 meeting registration open.

Q-Essence project will have its session during the FP6 and FP7 QIP Open Day + FP6 IP Cluster Review that takes place on 6-8 July at Wadham College, Oxford, UK. The registration for the event is now open.

(Q-Essence Coordinator, 2010-05-10 16:27)
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