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SP1 Enabling Technologies: (leader T. Kippenberg): SP1 addresses strongly coupled systems, where we operate with improved AMO schemes such as strong atom-light coupling but also employ recent technologies, where e.g. mechanical coupling or solid-state systems have reached the strongly coupled regime. This SP supports all platforms and is therefore of utmnost importance for the SP2 and SP3. AP1 is thus qualitatively new, significantly improving over state-of-the-art AMO implementations.

  • WP 1.1: Strong Light-Atom Coupling (leader: G. Rempe/S. Ritter)
  • WP 1.2: Strong Coupling to Solid State Systems (leader: J. Wrachtrup)



SP2 Quantum Simulation: (leader D. Meschede): SP2 aims at outperforming classical computational/simulation methods. Recent advances of neutral atom lattice microscopes and ion quantum processors are employed - but also novel approaches including solid-state implementations are incorporated. Here the collaborative effort becomes highly important in the experiment/theory interaction and the strong crosslink to SP4.

  • WP 2.1: Quantum Simulation with Neutral Particles (leader: S. Kuhr)
  • WP 2.2: Quantum Simulation with Charged Particles (leader: R. Blatt/C. Ross)



SP3 Quantum Interfaces: (leader F. Jeletzko): SP3 is investigating and realizing implementations of quantum sensors, and quantum communication protocols that fully outperform classical counterparts. Protocols from SP4 are realized in SP3, such that quantum enhanced measurement accuracy is reached.

  • WP 3.1: Efficient Quantum Communication (leader: N. Gisin/R. Thew)
  • WP 3.2: Quantum Enhanced Sensing (leader: Ph. Treutlein)



SP4 Exploitation: (leader F. Verstraete): SP4 sets the theoretical backbone for understanding, validating, and using the quantum states and processes, thus supporting on one hand SP2 and SP3, and on the other hand opening the way for their actual exploitation.

  • WP 4.1: Quantum Many Body Systems (leader: M. Plenio/M. Cramer)
  • WP 4.2: Protocols (leader: R. Werner)
  • WP 4.3: Certification and Validation (leader: S. Montangero)




SP5: Management and Communication: (leader T. Calarco/F. Schmidt-Kaler) further divided into two complementary work packages, which will be working in very close contact, acting as a “support centre" for the whole project.

  • WP5.1: Financial, contractual and project management (leader: T. Calarco)
  • WP5.2: Internal and external communication (leader: F. Schmidt-Kaler)