QUTE-EUROPE Work Package 4: Exploitation

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This work package will foster links within the community of international research groups, and with QIPC stakeholders from outside the research community. It will also establish Europe as the world-wide focal point of the activities in the future QuITC area. Coordinating the interaction between all interested parties, it will:

  • Establish sustained international contacts between the research community in Europe and the communities overseas (USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, and others);
  • Organize meetings with representatives of BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa);
  • Establish a database of international grant agencies;
  • Sustain contacts with representatives from commercial and industrial stakeholders;
  • Maintain and update the established Industry Database.


Description of work and role of partners

Task 4.1 International contacts (UULM, ICFO, FU SAV)
This task will work towards the goal of establishing Europe as the epicentre of R&D in quantum-based technologies. This will be achieved in particular by establishing and maintaining links with research groups and funding agencies on an international level. It will:

  • Compile a list of agencies that support the known research groups and establish a comparison of national level funding schemes;
  • Organize an international meeting that should serve as a scientific as well as PR event for research groups worldwide, with focus on BRICS countries. This event will be staged within one of the meetings (conference or school) organized by WP3.

Task 4.2 Contacts with industry (UNIGE)
This task will directly involve industry, in the context of both establishing an agenda to develop quantum-based information technologies with industry partners and by exploring the market base. In particular, it will establish an Industrial Forum of companies with either a direct interest as a technology provider or potential interest as a technology user and thus, will identify and establish links with the relevant industries in Europe. It will elucidate the current view on the likely commercial impact of quantum technologies and establish a mechanism to update this view during the lifetime of the project.

One specific highlight of this task will be the organization of a joint ‘industry/funding session’ at one of the major QIPC conferences to be organized by WP3. Bringing together representatives from high-level political circles with stakeholders from the research community and commercial companies is expected to provide a high level of synergy and cross-fertilization, as has been demonstrated by the precedence of the corresponding activity in the QUROPE/QUIE2T projects.

Specific points of activity will include:

  • Collect contact points to establish connections with national Chambers of Commerce, with the offer to present lectures on Quantum IT, further information, collaboration and dissemination;
  • Establish and maintain a database of companies world-wide that have an interest or specialization in Quantum IT.
  • Organize an “Industrial Forum” with the purpose of making potential industry partners aware of presently available and potential quantum-based technologies. This event will be staged within the big QIPC conference organized by WP3, in continuation of similar events that have been organized at previous QIPC conferences. Typically, invitations will be sent to targeted industry representatives to participate at the meeting, and one session with 2-4 presentations from industry speakers will be included in the program. The speakers will be proposed by the WP leader and have to be approved by the conference organizer.

List of deliverables


Deliverable Description Month Status
D4.1 1st year WP4 progress report 12
D4.2 2nd year WP4 progress report 24
D4.3 3rd year WP4 progress report 36


Schedule of relevant Milestones

Milestone Description Month Status
MS1 Database of International Funding Agencies and Chambers of Commerce 12


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