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Format: 2022-10-06

30th Sep 2010

As part of the WP3 activities QUIE2T presented an exhibit at the ICT 2010 conference in Brussels, 27 – 29 September 2010. The event was very well-attended both by specialists and non-specialists including well-known media people.

26th Jul 2010

More details at the calls page.

29th Jun 2010

There will be a 1h meeting of QUIE2T partners on Tue, 6 July from 5pm-6pm. We will discuss some open current issues, in particular the status of the VIs and future activities.  Apart from general points regarding the WPs, special emphasis wil be put to discuss the following topics:

  • Conference organization, Young Investigator Award
  • Virtual Institutes: status and developments
  • FET flagship initiative
  • Quantum Envoy

29th Jun 2010

More details at the calls page.

7th May 2010

The four Virtual Institutes have their homepages under http://qurope.eu/vi, and will have the content of their sites updated in the course of the project. The instute directors and secretaries are:

29th Apr 2010

It can be consulted on the Roadmap page.

4th Mar 2010

The information has been broadcast to the QUIE2T mailing list. Please leave your suggestions and ideas at the forum discussion page.

2nd Feb 2010

The qurope.eu web site will provide everything of relevance for the QIPC community, from latest news, information material, specialized databases to a hosting framework for QIPC related projects. The top domain of the web portal is www.qurope.eu, watch out for the additions and updates of the several sub-domains.

This web portal is maintained by Work Package 3 of the FP7 Coordination Action project QUIE2T.

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