QSA workpackages

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QSA partners
National contact network (NQN) list
QSA kickoff (19.04.2018)

The work of the QSA will be  performed within a set of four workpackages, each of with is mapped to one of the key areas and objectives defined for the project. Each workpackage will define a specific set of tasks that will contribute to the ultimate goal of attaining the project objectives. The QSA coordinator is tommaso [dot] calarco [at] uni-ulm [dot] de (Tommaso Calarco)

WP1: Strategy and Structuring (leader: robert [dot] thew [at] unige [dot] ch (Robert Thew))
WP1 will define, populate and run a Strategic Research Agenda Working Group as well as structure the community by developing coherence and identifying synergies between academia and industry, as well as national and international projects and programmes, including event coordination.
WP2: Innovation and Exploitation (leader: thierry [dot] debuisschert [at] thalesgroup [dot] com (Thierry Debuisschert))
WP2 will establish an Innovation Working Group to create transparency on relevant existing players, (planned) activities and best practices and to actively connect them to foster innovation in QT and exploitation of research results.
WP3: Outreach and Education (leader: fwm [at] lusi [dot] uni-sb [dot] de (Frank Wilhelm-Mauch))
WP3 will raise awareness with potential future stakeholders, decision makers and educators as well as prepare for outreach to the general public.
WP4: Organisational Structures and Processes (leader: Thomas [dot] Strohm [at] de [dot] bosch [dot] com (Thomas Strohm))
WP4 will detail and help implementing the Flagship’s Governance Structure.
WP5: Menagement (leader: binosi [at] ectstar [dot] eu (Daniele Binosi))
WP5 will take care of the management aspects of the project and implement a Helpdesk to route external requests and input to the right work package or information resource.