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7th Sep 2010

We study the single particle dynamics of a mobile non-Abelian anyon hopping around many pinned anyons on a surface. The dynamics is modelled by a discrete time quantum walk and the spatial degree of freedom of the mobile anyon becomes entangled with the fusion degrees of freedom of the collective system. Each quantum trajectory makes a closed braid on the world lines of the particles establishing a direct connection between statistical dynamics and quantum link invariants.

26th Jul 2010

More details at the calls page.

29th Jun 2010

There will be a 1h meeting of QUIE2T partners on Tue, 6 July from 5pm-6pm. We will discuss some open current issues, in particular the status of the VIs and future activities.  Apart from general points regarding the WPs, special emphasis wil be put to discuss the following topics:

  • Conference organization, Young Investigator Award
  • Virtual Institutes: status and developments
  • FET flagship initiative
  • Quantum Envoy

29th Jun 2010

More details at the calls page.

1st Jun 2010

We introduce a scheme for efficiently describing pure states of strongly correlated fermions in higher dimensions using unitary circuits featuring a causal cone. A local way of computing local expectation values is presented. We formulate a dynamical reordering scheme, corresponding to time-adaptive Jordan-Wigner transformation, that avoids nonlocal string operators. Primitives of such a reordering scheme are highlighted. Fermionic unitary circuits can be contracted with the same complexity as in the spin case.

7th May 2010

The four Virtual Institutes have their homepages under, and will have the content of their sites updated in the course of the project. The instute directors and secretaries are:

3rd May 2010

The formulation of massless relativistic fermions in lattice gauge theories is hampered by the fundamental problem of species doubling, namely, the rise of spurious fermions modifying the underlying physics. A suitable tailoring of the fermion masses prevents such abundance of species, and leads to the so-called Wilson fermions. Here we show that ultracold atoms provide us with the first controllable realization of these paradigmatic fermions, thus generating a quantum simulator of fermionic lattice gauge theories. We describe a novel scheme that exploits laser-assisted tunneling in a cubic optical superlattice to design the Wilson fermion masses. The high versatility of this proposal allows us to explore a variety of interesting phases in three-dimensional topological insulators, and to test the remarkable predictions of axion electrodynamics.

29th Apr 2010

It can be consulted on the Roadmap page.

26th Mar 2010

An effective QUIE2T kick-off meeting took place in Brussels on March 19, 2010. Four QUIE2T members (V. Buzek, E. Giacobino, T. Calarco, P. Grangier) were present to discuss some future plans for the FET flagship initiative.

4th Mar 2010

The information has been broadcast to the QUIE2T mailing list. Please leave your suggestions and ideas at the forum discussion page.

2nd Feb 2010

The web site will provide everything of relevance for the QIPC community, from latest news, information material, specialized databases to a hosting framework for QIPC related projects. The top domain of the web portal is, watch out for the additions and updates of the several sub-domains.

This web portal is maintained by Work Package 3 of the FP7 Coordination Action project QUIE2T.

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