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24th Apr 2017

In this article, we theoretically study the quantum statistical properties of the light transmitted through or reflected from an optical cavity, filled by an atomic medium with strong optical nonlinearity induced by Rydberg-Rydberg van der Waals interactions. Atoms are driven on a two-photon transition from their ground state to a Rydberg level via an intermediate state by the combination of a weak signal field and a strong control beam.

19th Apr 2017

We explore the dynamics of Rydberg excitations in an optical tweezer array under antiblockade (or facilitation) conditions. Because of the finite temperature the atomic positions are randomly spread, an effect that leads to quenched correlated disorder in the interatomic interaction strengths. This drastically affects the facilitation dynamics as we demonstrate experimentally on the elementary example of two atoms.

19th Apr 2017

Large arrays of individually controlled atoms trapped in optical tweezers are a very promising platform for quantum engineering applications. However, to date, only disordered arrays have been demonstrated, due to the non-deterministic loading of the traps. Here, we demonstrate the preparation of fully loaded, two-dimensional arrays of up to 50 microtraps each containing a single atom, and arranged in arbitrary geometries.

19th Apr 2017

This review summarizes experimental works performed over the last decade by several groups on the manipulation of a few individual interacting Rydberg atoms. These studies establish arrays of single Rydberg atoms as a promising platform for quantum-state engineering, with potential applications to quantum metrology, quantum simulation and quantum information.

19th Apr 2017

Many proof-of-principle platforms for quantum simulation of spin models such as the Ising model have been implemented. It has proved difficult to produce a design with sufficient flexibility to realize arbitrary geometries and variable distance, however. Here, the authors have developed a platform that achieves this flexibility with large atom numbers. The setup is based on arrays of optical microtraps. Creating spin chains with periodic boundary conditions, the authors study the dynamics of an Ising-like spin system with 30 spins.

26th Jan 2017

Rydberg-dressing allows for the introduction of controllable long-range interactions for ground state atoms. In this work, we realize a Rydberg-dressed Ising spin system and study the interaction induced growth of spin-spin correlations in an interferometric measurement. This enables us to benchmark the predicted tunability of Rydberg-dressed interactions.

18th Jan 2017

We present an overview of our recent investigations of long-range interactions in an ultracold Cs Rydberg gas.

17th Jan 2017

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4th Aug 2016

We propose a scheme to simulate lattice spin models based on strong and long-range interacting Rydberg atoms stored in a large-spacing array of magnetic microtraps.

27th Jul 2016

Cold atomic gases resonantly excited to Rydberg states can exhibit strong optical nonlinearity at the single photon level. We observe that in such samples radiation trapping leads to an additional mechanism for Rydberg excitation.

26th Jul 2016

Highly-excited Rydberg atoms have strong long-range interactions resulting in exotic optical properties such as large single photon non-linearities and intrinsic bistability. In this paper we study optical-driven non-equilibrium phase transitions in a thermal Rydberg gas with a sensitivity two order of magnitude higher than in previous work.

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