Survey on relevant databases

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One main task of QUIE2T work package 1 is to carry out a general work of data mining and analysis with respect to any information that may be useful, directly or indirectly, to the QIPC community in Europe.

It will first build upon the cluster of databases that has been established by the QUROPE project and that have already proven their value to the community. These include the job database, collection of events and database of industries.

The main idea is to go beyond these ‘raw’ databases and identify pieces of information that are maybe not useful in a directly obvious way, but could provide some indirect ‘return on investment’ for the QIPC community. This could include obvious material like related web sites, printed media, events, conferences and fairs, but extend to a collection of media coverage, articles and publications sorted by topic or simply counting hits on specialized web sites. Such data, globally viewed, may well provide some hints on current trends which may prove interesting and useful for researchers, stakeholders, decision makers and journalists alike.

The currently available databases can be viewed on this web site.


With this public forum topic the whole QIPC community is invited to leave feedback on possible additions, or related ideas.