What type of content should I submit, e.g. what is the difference between a page and a story?

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A page is some static information that is specific to a certain part of the web site, e.g. a project. A page cannot be classified and searched for by taxonomy attributes.

A story is a short piece of information that is intented to be re-used by different groups, projects, etc. If a story is tagged for instance as a highlight, it will be automatically shown under any project's Highlights section that shares the story.

Apart from that, there are a number of different content types you can submit, e.g. Events, News, Jobs, etc. Those are listed on the Site - Submit page, where a brief description is given for each type.

You should make sure to choose the right content type in order to guarantee that your submission will show up in the right place when searched for. E.g. a Jobs submission will only be listed in the Jobs database, etc. If you are unsure, or cannot find anything appropriate, you will probably want to submit a story.