Frequently Asked Questions - Web Site - Management (submit, edit pages, etc)

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First, you need to be registered and logged in to add content to the QUROPE site.

Once logged in, there will appear your personal navigation menu block in the right menu, navigate to Site -> Submit. You can add different types of content, e.g. events, job offers, publications, etc.. For static pages, eg pages you want to link from the navigation menu, you should submit a page. For categorized content, eg news stories, highlights, etc, you should add a story.

Note that normal registered users have permission to submit new content and edit their own content only. If you are a web site maintainer for a group or a project, you might ask for additional permissions to edit other people's submissions as well.

For help with the built-in html editor, you may consult the Compose tips.

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A page is some static information that is specific to a certain part of the web site, e.g. a project. A page cannot be classified and searched for by taxonomy attributes.

A story is a short piece of information that is intented to be re-used by different groups, projects, etc. If a story is tagged for instance as a highlight, it will be automatically shown under any project's Highlights section that shares the story.

Apart from that, there are a number of different content types you can submit, e.g. Events, News, Jobs, etc. Those are listed on the Site - Submit page, where a brief description is given for each type.

You should make sure to choose the right content type in order to guarantee that your submission will show up in the right place when searched for. E.g. a Jobs submission will only be listed in the Jobs database, etc. If you are unsure, or cannot find anything appropriate, you will probably want to submit a story.

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Certainly, just go to Site -> Submit -> FAQ. You should even submit a FAQ if you don't know the answer yourself, some other user or admin will probably fill in the gap.

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Only authorized users have the permission to change the navigation menu. If you are responsible for some part of the site, eg for a group's or project's web pages, and want to change the navigation menu, you should contact our web master and ask for the proper permission setup.

Once you have the proper permissions you can add a menu item by submitting (or editing) a page and indicating the correct parent menu under 'Menu settings'. For security reasons, it is currently not possible for normal users to remove a menu item, please contact a web master to do this for you.

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No. Only registered users can submit content to our site. We do not accept anonymous submissions of any kind.

However, once a user is registered, he can add arbitrary content (news, events, stories,..., we want people to participate), but he can only edit and modify his own submissions, ie he cannot modify any content that has been submitted by another user.

Only authorized users may edit any content, also content that has been sumitted by others. Authorized users are designated individually by a site administrator.

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In general, we have two kind of users on our site: registered users and authorized users. They are distinguished by the rights they have to edit content on the site. Every user is a registered user as soon as he registers an account. Authorized users are manually designated by an administrator.

Here is a brief summary of the permissions of different users:

  • everybody (including anonymous, ie not registered, users) may view any public contet
  • registered users may, in addition, submit arbitrary content that is publicly visible; but they may modify their own content only, ie they cannot modify any content that has been submitted by another user.
  • authorized users may, in addition, modify any public content
  • registered group members may, in addition, view any content of, and submit any content into, any private group they are a member of
  • authorized group members may, in addition, modify any private content of any private group they are a member of

The last two points concern private (organic) groups, they are explained in a different section of these FAQs.

Note that we do not have a further fine-grain control about the rights to submit and edit content, every authorized user can edit any content anywhere on our web site (eg an authorized user from the aqute project may edit pages that belong to the qessence project). However, authorized users are hand-picked by us, basically, every sub-site has only one or two moderators, that we trust that they take care of their respective web site only.