So what are the permissions that users have on your site?

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In general, we have two kind of users on our site: registered users and authorized users. They are distinguished by the rights they have to edit content on the site. Every user is a registered user as soon as he registers an account. Authorized users are manually designated by an administrator.

Here is a brief summary of the permissions of different users:

  • everybody (including anonymous, ie not registered, users) may view any public contet
  • registered users may, in addition, submit arbitrary content that is publicly visible; but they may modify their own content only, ie they cannot modify any content that has been submitted by another user.
  • authorized users may, in addition, modify any public content
  • registered group members may, in addition, view any content of, and submit any content into, any private group they are a member of
  • authorized group members may, in addition, modify any private content of any private group they are a member of

The last two points concern private (organic) groups, they are explained in a different section of these FAQs.

Note that we do not have a further fine-grain control about the rights to submit and edit content, every authorized user can edit any content anywhere on our web site (eg an authorized user from the aqute project may edit pages that belong to the qessence project). However, authorized users are hand-picked by us, basically, every sub-site has only one or two moderators, that we trust that they take care of their respective web site only.