Uncertainty Quantification for Matrix Compressed Sensing and Quantum Tomography Problems

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2015-04-01 - 2016-06-20

Alexandra Carpentier, Jens Eisert, David Gross, Richard Nickl



We construct minimax optimal non-asymptotic confidence sets for low rank matrix recovery algorithms such as the Matrix Lasso or Dantzig selector. These are employed to devise adaptive sequential sampling procedures that guarantee recovery of the true matrix in Frobenius norm after a data-driven stopping time n^ for the number of measurements that have to be taken. With high probability, this stopping time is minimax optimal. We detail applications to quantum tomography problems where measurements arise from Pauli observables. We also give a theoretical construction of a confidence set for the density matrix of a quantum state that has optimal diameter in nuclear norm. The non-asymptotic properties of our confidence sets are further investigated in a simulation study.