Simulation and Detection of Photonic Chern Insulators in One-Dimensional Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics Lattice

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Feng Mei, Jia-Bin You, Wei Nie, R. Fazio, Shi-Liang Zhu, and L. C. Kwek


Phys. Rev. A 92, 041805 (2015)

We introduce a conceptually simple and experimentally feasible method to realize and detect photonic topological Chern insulators with a one-dimensional circuit quantum electrodynamics lattice. By periodically modulating the couplings in this lattice, we show that this one-dimensional model can be mapped into a two-dimensional Chern insulator model. In addition to allowing the study of photonic Chern insulators, this approach also provides a natural platform to realize experimentally Laughlin's pumping argument. Remarkably, based on the scattering theory of topological insulators and input-output formalism, we find that both the photonic edge state and topological invariant can be unambiguously probed with a simple dissipative few-resonator circuit-QED network.