Rydberg electrometry for optical lattice clocks

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W. Bowden, R. Hobson, P. Huillery, P. Gill, M. P. A. Jones, and I. R. Hill


Physical Review A 96, 023419 (2017)



Electrometry is performed using Rydberg states to evaluate the quadratic Stark shift of the 5s2 1S0-5s5p 3P0 clock transition in strontium. By measuring the Stark shift of the highly excited 5s75d 1D2 state using electromagnetically induced transparency, we characterize the electric field with sufficient precision to provide tight constraints on the systematic shift to the clock transition. Using the theoretically derived, and experimentally verified, polarizability for this Rydberg state, we can measure the residual field with an uncertainty well below 1 Vm−1. This resolution allows us to constrain the fractional frequency uncertainty of the quadratic Stark shift of the clock transition to 2×10−20.