Necessary and sufficient conditions for macroscopic realism from quantum mechanics

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L. Clemente and J. Kofler



Macroscopic realism, the classical world view that macroscopic objects exist independently of and are not influenced by measurements, is usually tested using Leggett-Garg inequalities. Recently, another necessary condition called no-signaling in time (NSIT) has been proposed as a witness for non-classical behavior. In this paper, we show that a combination of NSIT conditions is not only necessary but also sufficient for macroscopic realism. Any violation of macroscopic realism must therefore be witnessed by a suitable NSIT condition. Subsequently, we derive an operational formulation for NSIT in terms of positive-operator valued measurements and the system Hamiltonian. We argue that this leads to a suitable definition of "classical" measurements and Hamiltonians, and apply our formalism to some generic coarse-grained quantum measurements.