Metallic Coulomb Blockade Thermometry down to 10 mK and below

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L. Casparis, M. Meschke, D. Maradan, A. C. Clark, C. Scheller, K. K. Schwarzwälder, J. P. Pekola and D. M. Zumbühl


Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83, 083903 (2012)

We present an improved nuclear refrigerator reaching 0.3 mK, aimed at microkelvin nanoelectronic experiments, and use it to investigate metallic Coulomb blockadethermometers (CBTs) with various resistances R. The high-R devices cool to slightly lower T, consistent with better isolation from the noise environment, and exhibit electron-phonon cooling ∝ T 5 and a residual heat-leak of 40 aW. In contrast, the low-R CBTs display cooling with a clearly weaker T-dependence, deviating from the electron-phonon mechanism. The CBTs agree excellently with the refrigerator temperature above 20 mK and reach a minimum-T of 7.5 ± 0.2 mK.