Mesoscopic shelving readout of superconducting qubits in circuit quantum electrodynamics

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B. G. U. Englert, G. Mangano, M. Mariantoni, R. Gross, J. Siewert, and E. Solano


Phys. Rev. B 81, 134514 (2010)

We present a method for measuring the internal state of a superconducting qubit inside an on-chip microwave resonator. We show that one qubit state can be associated with the generation of an increasingly large cavity coherent field, while the other remains associated with the vacuum. By measuring the outgoing resonator field with conventional devices, an efficient single-shot QND-like qubit readout can be achieved, enabling a high-fidelity measurement in the spirit of the electron-shelving technique for trapped ions. We expect that the proposed ideas can be adapted to different superconducting qubit designs and contribute to the further improvement of qubit readout fidelity.