Fabrication of a segmented micro Penning trap and numerical investigations of versatile ion positioning protocols

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M. Hellwig, A. Bautista-Salvador, K. Singer, G. Werth, F. Schmidt-Kaler


New Journal of Physics 12, 065019 (2010)

We describe a versatile planar Penning trap structure, which allows one to dynamically modify the trapping configuration almost arbitrarily. The trap consists of 37 hexagonal electrodes, each with a circumcircle diameter of 300 μm, fabricated in a gold-on-sapphire lithographic technique. Every hexagon can be addressed individually, thus shaping the electric potential. The fabrication of such a device with clean room methods is demonstrated. We illustrate the variability of the device by a detailed numerical simulation of a lateral and a vertical transport and simulate trapping in racetrack and artificial crystal configurations. The trap may be used for ions or electrons, as a versatile container for quantum optics and quantum information experiments.