Equilibration via Gaussification in fermionic lattice systems

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2016-01-01 - 2016-06-20

M. Gluza, C. Krumnow, M. Friesdorf, C. Gogolin, J. Eisert



The perspective of probing quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium under well controlled conditions is attracting enormous attention in recent years, a perspective that extends to the study of fermionic systems. In this work, we present an argument that precisely captures the dynamics causing equilibration and Gaussification under quadratic non-interacting fermionic Hamiltonians. Specifically, based on two basic assumptions - the initial clustering of correlations and the Hamiltonian exhibiting delocalizing transport - we prove that systems become locally indistinguishable from fermionic Gaussian states on precisely controlled time scales. The argument gives rise to rigorous instances of a convergence to a generalized Gibbs ensemble. This argument is general enough to allow for arbitrary pure and mixed initial states, including thermal and ground states of interacting models, and large classes of systems, including high-dimensional lattice and classes of spin systems. Our results allow to develop an intuition of equilibration that is expected to be generally valid, and at the same time relates to current experiments of cold atoms in optical lattices.