Decoherence of Majorana qubits by noisy gates

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M. J. Schmidt, D. Rainis and D. Loss


Phys. Rev. B 86, 085414 (2012)

We propose and study a realistic model for the decoherence of topological qubits, based on Majorana fermions in one-dimensional topological superconductors. The source of decoherence is the fluctuating charge on a capacitively coupled gate, modeled by noninteracting electrons. In this context, we clarify the role of quantum fluctuations and thermal fluctuations and find that quantum fluctuations do not lead to decoherence, while thermal fluctuations do. We explicitly calculate decay times due to thermal noise and give conditions for the gap size in the topological superconductor and the gate temperature. Based on this result, we provide simple rules for gate geometries and materials optimized for reducing the negative effect of thermal charge fluctuations on the gate.