Critical properties and Renyi entropies of the spin-3/2 XXZ chain

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M. Dalmonte, E. Ercolessi and L. Taddia


Phys. Rev. B 85, 165112 (2012)

We discuss entanglement and critical properties of the spin-3/2 XXZ chain in its entire gapless region. Employing density-matrix renormalization-group calculations combined with different methods based on level spectroscopy, correlation functions, and entanglement entropies, we determine the sound velocity and the Luttinger parameter of the model as a function of the anisotropy parameter. Then, we focus on entanglement properties by systematically studying the behavior of Rényi entropies under both open and periodic boundary conditions, providing further evidence of recent findings about entanglement entropies of excited states in conformal field theory.