Chiral topological spin liquids with projected entangled pair states

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D. Poilblanc, J.I. Cirac, N. Schuch



Topological chiral phases are ubiquitous in the physics of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect. Non-chiral topological spin liquids are also well known. Here, using the framework of projected entangled pair states (PEPS), we construct a family of chiral spin liquids on the square lattice which are generalized spin-1/2 Resonating Valence Bond (RVB) states obtained from deformed local tensors with d+id symmetry. On a cylinder, we construct four topological sectors with even or odd number of spinons on the boundary and even or odd number of (Z2) fluxes penetrating the cylinder which, we argue, remain orthogonal in the limit of infinite perimeter. The analysis of the transfer matrix provides evidence of short-range (long-range) triplet (singlet) correlations as for the critical (non-chiral) RVB state. The Entanglement Spectrum exhibits chiral edge modes, which we confront to predictions of Conformal Field Theory, and the corresponding Entanglement Hamiltonian is shown to be long ranged.