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Hybrid Artificial and Natural Atomic Systems
Dr Val Zwiller


Lorentzweg 1
52° 0' 3.2796" N, 4° 22' 26.454" E
Running time: 
2013-02-01 - 2016-01-31

This project will establish a groundbreaking research program in hybrid quantum systems combining solid state and atomic components. The key elements in this project are devices based on single quantum dots and novel photon storage schemes in atomic systems. Quantum dots, also known as artificial atoms, enable photon generation in the solid state with functionalities such as tunability, high collection efficiency, radiative lifetime engineering and scalability. Atomic systems are well controlled, exhibit long coherence times and enable the implementation of robust schemes for photon storage.
HANAS will demonstrate that a powerful synergy can emerge from hybrid quantum systems where the advantageous functionalities of solid state and atomic systems are combined. We will develop a new type of solid state quantum emitters optimized for coupling to atomic transitions, based on quantum dots in complex nanostructures. New schemes to efficiently couple the emission from single quantum dots with atomic transitions will also be developed and implemented. A range of new hybrid experiments will be carried out that will result in the demonstration of hybrid quantum interconnects where photons generated in a quantum dot will be stored in a rubidium vapour. Additionally, frequency locking techniques borrowed from the atomic community will be implemented in the solid state to counteract spectral diffusion of single quantum dots. To reach our ambitious goals, we bring together European leaders in atomic optics, quantum dot optics, quantum dot growth and nanoprocessing. These achievements will play crucial roles in the development of complex quantum networks.

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