Quantum opens for submissions


Quantum, the open journal for quantum science, is open for submissions as of today!

Quantum is a peer-reviewed journal for quantum science and related fields. It is an effort by researchers and for researchers to make science more open and publishing more transparent and efficient, and as such Quantum will always be free, open access and non-profit. Works are published in Quantum under a Creative Commons licence, and copyright stays with the authors.

Quantum engages the scientific community, encouraging public discussions that guided the creation of the editorial policies, guidelines for referees and code of conduct of Quantum. This summer Quantum held a call for editors that had over a hundred applicants, from which the steering board selected 40 founding editors from different subfields of quant-ph.

Quantum is a selective journal, prioritizing scientific quality and clarity of presentation - but "expected impact" will never be a factor. Quantum welcomes both technical and conceptual contributions. To submit a paper, you simply need to provide the arXiv number of your pre-print.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

The Steering Board

the Executive Board

  • ldelrio [at] quantum-journal [dot] org (Lídia del Rio), ETH Zürich, Switzerland (president)
  • Christian Gogolin, ICFO – Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain (secretary)
  • Marcus Huber, IQOQI – Institute for Quantumoptics und Quantuminformation, Austria (cashier)

and the Editorial Board