Two ITN Marie-Curie PhD positions in quantum communication

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University of Padova
1 June, 2021


Department of Information Engineering
Via gradenigo 6B
Padova 35131
Two PhD vacancies (36 months) are available for highly motivated Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions as part of the new H2020, EU-funded, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network “AppQInfo” on “Applications and Hardware for Photonic Quantum Information Processing”. ERSs will be primarily hosted by the University of Padova (Department of Information Engineering) starting from October 2021, joining the group of Prof. P. Villoresi and Prof. G. Vallone.
The net salary for each ESR, according to the current Italian taxation, is approximately 2850€ per month.

The aim of AppQInfo is to provide world class training in photonic Quantum Information Processing (pQIP), and prepare an excellent cohort of Early Stage Researchers to become the future R&D staff of Europe’s emerging markets in this area. In particular, the research topics of the two open positions in Padova are the following:
- ESR3: Advanced quantum communication in free-space, with the objective of  extending distance in daylight free-space QKD and realization of new protocols free-space. 
- ESR4: Exploitation of entanglement in quantum networks, with the objective of using entanglement in quantum networks, advancing the capabilities of entangled-based quantum communication.

All the information about these positions can be found here: