Research Fellow in Superconducting Qubits

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Aalto University, Finland
30 November, 2017


Aalto University, Finland
Tietotie 3
Espoo 02150
60° 11' 4.9812" N, 24° 49' 1.6896" E

The Department of Applied Physics is looking for a highly motivated Research Fellow to work on a project on superconducting quantum circuits, and on developing a many qubit processor for quantum computing and simulations.

This position is part of the Quantum Computer project that develops a scalable quantum computer in Finland. It is funded by the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation and Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation and steered by a working group of ten group leaders including the following ERC grant recipients: Doc. Mikko Möttönen (QCD group), Prof. Jukka Pekola (PICO group), and Prof. Pertti Hakonen (Nano group). The recruited candidate will also be heavily involved with in the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Quantum Technology (QTF) that is an outstanding working environment with over 100 researchers investigating superconducting and silicon-based quantum devices, and nanostructures. The work greatly benefits from the state-of-the-art cleanroom and low-noise measurement facilities of OtaNano.

For details, see the announcement on Aalto University website:

For further information of the position, contact the head of the Quantum Computer working group Doc. Mikko Möttönen (mikko [dot] mottonen [at] aalto [dot] fi).

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