Research Fellow and Postdoctoral positions (several openings) in Superconducting Quantum Technologies

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Aalto University
5 August, 2018


Aalto University
Tietotie 3
Phone: +358505940950
There is a great opportunity for a postdoc to take the next step in career and apply for a funded five-year Research Fellow position at Aalto University, or for a student to come and work in our inspiring research environment as a postdoc (many positions open). 
We are mainly looking for people with background in experimental research on superconducting microwave circuits, and especially on superconducting qubits, but also on detectors and proximity Josephson junctions. We would be grateful if you could pass these links to potentially interested candidates and/or any suitable forums
Deadline for applications is in a couple of weeks, August 5th, 2018 !!!
Job descriptions:
Other options: