Post-doctoral position in Ultrafast Molecular Electron Diffraction

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ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences
2 December, 2019


Carl Friedrich Gauss, 3
Castelldefels 08860

Post-doctoral position in Ultrafast Molecular Electron Diffraction

ICFO is offering a postdoctoral position to a well-qualified, highly motivated and dynamic young scientist who wishes to enhance his/her scientific career in the field of Molecular Imaging and Attosecond Science in a friendly and stimulating environment.

The applicant will join the Attoscience and Ultrafast Optics group, led by Prof. Dr. Jens Biegert, which consists of a highly motivated team of scientists with state-of-the art equipment. Our experimental environment includes several cutting-edge few-cycle intense-light sources, with special emphasis on wavelengths in the mid-IR and CEP stability. We are embedded in several national, European and international networks and collaborations which ensures a vibrant and stimulating research environment. Our general research is concerned with a variety of topics ranging from ultrafast laser physics to extreme nonlinear optics and strong field atomic and molecular physics.

Project description: We have been developing and applying mid-IR driven electron recollision in combination with kinematic coincidence detection (COLTRIMS/reaction microscope) to achieve combined picometer spatial and attosecond temporal resolution imaging of molecular structures. The aim of our experimental program is the investigation of electron-nuclear dynamics of non-adiabatic dynamics, conical intersections and pathways which drive isomerization. This research encompasses the quantum dynamics of multi-body correlations, atomic and molecular physics, recollision science, molecular alignment and electron diffraction techniques, and it will be carried out in the framework of the ERC Advanced Grant TRANSFORMER in connection with experimental and theoretical partners. The success of this project will have significance in fields of attoscience, molecular imaging, and atomic/molecular physics.

See e.g.: Nature Commun. 6, 7262 (2015), Phys. Rev. X 5, 021034 (2015), Nature Commun. 7, 11922 (2016), Science 354, 308 (2016), PNAS 10, 1817465116 (2019)


Eligibility and Conditions

We are seeking candidates with experimental experience in electron diffraction and/or physical chemistry. Experience with electron or ion imaging techniques, molecular beams and femtosecond lasers are beneficial. We expect fluency in English (written and spoken), diligent work ethics, interest in physics problem solving and the ability to work in a team. The candidate must hold a Ph.D. degree.

The candidate will conduct research in a team; hence coordination of scientific work and project leadership abilities are desired.

ICFO is an equal opportunity employer. Candidates are selected exclusively on merit and potential on the basis of submitted application material. No restrictions related to disabilities, citizenship or gender apply to ICFO positions. ICFO abides by the principles of openness, efficiency, transparency, supportiveness, and international comparability as stated in the European Charter for Researchers and the European Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

The contract is offered for a period of two years.


Application procedure

Suitable candidates are requested to submit via:

• A presentation letter with a declaration of interest,

• A Curriculum Vitae, including full address, a contact phone number and e-mail address,

• Name and contact e-mail of, at least, one potential referee.

Candidates may contact jobs [at] icfo [dot] eu for informal enquiries regarding the application, as well as address scientific enquiries to jens [dot] biegert [at] icfo [dot] eu

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