Post-docs and PhD students to work on “Large Entanglement"

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University of Geneva
3 May, 2014


University of Geneva Geneva
46° 11' 54.2112" N, 6° 8' 32.2656" E

We are looking for post-docs and PhD students to work on “Large Entanglement”.

Quantum theory is often presented as the theory of the microscopic world. However, things have changed dramatically over the last decade. Today one can envision manipulating large quantum systems, while mastering individual degrees of freedom.

The vision of this project is to explore large entangled systems and to collect evidence that entanglement can survive at large scales. This will be done with experiments advancing hand in hand with theory. We propose to demonstrate entanglement between two or more massive crystals with hundreds of entanglement bits (e-bits), hundreds of thousands of excitations and billions of ions.

The theoretical activities will aim to sharpen the notions of “large” and “macroscopic”. Questions like “What is large entanglement?” and “What deserves to be called entanglement between macroscopic systems?” will receive new insightful answers, deepening our understanding of nature.

Candidates should send an e-mail with a cv and a motivation letter to Nicolas [dot] Gisin [at] unige [dot] ch . They should also arrange for recommendation letters to be sent to the same address. Further information about the group can be found at .

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