PhD Scholarship - Hybrid Quantum Systems

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Macquarie University
20 May, 2017


Macquarie University
North Ryde
Sydney 2109
33° 46' 25.7664" S, 151° 6' 45.54" E
We are seeking PhD candidates in the research and development of the theory of hybrid quantum systems and critical elements for quantum networks e. g. memories, switches and interfaces. Hybrid Quantum Systems utilise the connecting of disparate quantum subsystems to achieve functionality not possible within the isolated subsystems alone. Examples include high precision measurement of forces, electric fields, magnetic fields, microwave-optical single photon interfaces etc. Examples of potential subsystems include superconducting systems, NV spins in diamond, feriimagnetic systems, electro and magneto mechanical systems, optical and atomic systems.
PhD scholarships that can support potential candidates cover the national/international fees (International: 32,000AUD/yr), and provides an annual stipend of ~25,000AUD. The PhD provides approx 15,000AUD for travel and research costs.
DEADLINE May 1 2017
To apply please email a CV. Label the Subject of your email as "PhD Application" to
Professor Jason Twamley
jason [dot] twamley [at] mq [dot] edu [dot] au


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